I can help you learn how to communicate Complex Concepts

I have been involved in research and have directed diagnostic genetics laboratories for more than 30 years. I only write and speak about things that I have researched myself or others' research that I have thoroughly investigated.

Years of giving talks and lectures to students and the general public have given me the skill to explain my concepts so that can be understood easily - and where possible, with a touch of humor. I am often invited to give talks as an expert in my field. You can invite me as a speaker too if you want to learn more about the scientific aspects of health, lifestyle, and aging.

I Train Speakers and Science-Medical Writers

Not only do I talk and write about health-related topics, but I also train other scientists to be able to communicate their research both in a simple and understandable manner (for general audiences) and in more formal language (for journals and conferences). I worked at the University of South Australia for 12 years as a trainer of PhD students who needed to articulate their research studies. In the photo above, I am presenting a seminar for all the PhD students who attended the international Space Conference in Adelaide in 2017.

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