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Dr Judy Ford: The Lifestyle Doctor

Fertility without IVF - understanding and receiving help with natural fertility

Between 1989 and 1994, our research team in South Australia conducted the world's first (and perhaps only ever) study of spontaneous fertility in 1,000 couples. Couples who joined were interviewed before they started trying to conceive and we followed their progress every month. Not everyone finished the program. Some divorced, some moved away and others gave up or left the program but more than 600 couples completed the full study with over 30% becoming pregnant at their first attempt! Many others became pregnant the second or third time they tried but the longer it took, the more likely it was that there were several problems.

Our study identified a great many lifestyle factors - some quite surprising - that could contribute to infertility and miscarriage and these factors were found about equally in males and females. We couldn't identify all the issues in all the couples who experienced problems but we could identify a very high proportion. So I am saddened now that so many couples rush off to have expensive and invasive fertility procedures before they have properly examined their lives and lifestyles. Not only can a huge amount of money be saved by natural fertility but both the mother's and baby's health will usually benefit. 

Since undertaking the study I have counselled a great many couples and helped them identify their problems, many of which were 'cured' through simple changes in lifestyle. Some problems are more difficult and have a genetic or illness as their basis but it is important to eliminate all the lifestyle issues first. Not only will this resolve many problems but it will enhance success should other invasive, medical procedures be needed. Never rush into IVF and related procedures as a first option!

I wrote my book "It Takes Two - Reproducing naturally today" in 1997 and average lifestyle's have probably worsened since then. Stress, in particular has increased and this is a major cause of infertility and miscarriage. There are many ways to improve your lifestyle, reduce stress and improve your fertility and reading It Takes Two has helped thousands of couples. The hard copy of It Takes Two is no longer in print but the e-book is available from Amazon. Please take time to read it.

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