Dr. Judy Ford

I graduated with first class honors in 1967 and obtained a PhD in Genetics in 1971 from the University of Sydney in Australia. I then worked for the next 4 years in postdoctoral work in developmental biology and human genetics. After that, I was appointed to develop a genetics diagnostic laboratory at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide, where I worked for 20 years.

In 1995, I set up a private genetics company called Genetic Consulting & Testing Pty Ltd from which I transitioned to work as a science communicator and an expert witness for 5 years. From 2006 to 2017, I worked as a lecturer at the University of South Australia training PhD students to develop the skills necessary to plan, analyse, and communicate their research projects. At the same time, I continued to undertake research and work as a genetics expert and speaker.

I have also published more than 85 scientific papers , several books, and e-books for general audiences, with my newest book entitled Why We Age – Solving the Puzzle of Aging. 

My mission is to provide insight into major questions of aging, lifestyle and health that is based on rigorous but not always “popular” research and data.

Why we Age - Book and Kindle versions available

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