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Dr Judy Ford - Geneticist & Lifestyle Doctor

The Science of Healthy Aging

Aging is an inevitable process that starts on the day we are born! But most people don't think of aging as a continuous process and the word aging is often only associated with wrinkles, grey hair, limited mobility, and illnesses. Many people even regard the phrase 'healthy aging' as an oxymoron. But as I get older myself, I find that being older has many benefits and I want to stay as healthy as possible to enjoy these days of (relative) leisure.

There has always been considerable research about health and the biology of aging, but unfortunately many of the simple, lifestyle options for healthy aging have not been shared with the public. Not surprisingly clinicians tend to focus on illness and pharmaceutical companies on selling drugs, but there are many things that you can do to optimize your own healthy aging that aren't related to medicines! Also, many of the articles written about ageing have not been based on scientific research. As an experienced science researcher, I make sure that everything I write is accurate and based on sound research and I try to explain the information as clearly as possible. 

My name is Dr Judy Ford and I am a geneticist with a (PhD) doctoral degree. I started undertaking research into lifestyle and health as long ago as 1990 - long before it was fashionable! This is why I call myself the Lifestyle Doctor. But we can't just consider lifestyle on its own, we need to understand how our current lifestyle, life history and genes all interact to affect our health and this is where my work differs from most other people's. Most people appreciate that many of the things we eat and do can affect how we grow old but many don't understand how much this might be influenced by our genes. More importantly, most people don't understand whether their family's problems are caused by bad genes or bad lifestyle? I'll give you are hint - if most members of your family have the problem, it's most likely to be a bad lifestyle, not bad genes!

My latest book "Why We Age – Solving the Puzzle of Aging,” solves many questions about growing old, healthy lifestyle and the diseases related to getting old. This book is available from me as a signed copy from the Why We Age page or as a book or Kindle version from Amazon or an e-book from Google Books.


Why We Age contains a great deal of information and I noticed that even many of my close friends were finding it difficult to translate my advice into easy changes in lifestyle. To overcome this problem I have created a Why We Age WORKBOOK. If you'd like a copy, please contact me. The Workbook will cost you $12 plus postage.

Find out more about this book on the Why We Age page. 

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