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1. Presentations and Workshops for Businesses

How to be a Success and Live to Enjoy the Benefits

This talk has been given as a one hour conference keynote but is most suitable in a 3 hour presentation for an audience of between 20 and 30 people. It is especially suitable for Managing Directors and CEOs or for Senior Executives of large organisations.

The three-hour presentation looks at how we should look after our bodies in the same way that we would develop and nurture a business. The talk is divided into 5 sections:

1. Identification of Resources & Abilities
2. Plan for protection of Resources
3. How to Optimize Operations
4. Identify high quality Supplies
5. How to operate within the System’s Capabilities

(Comments from Peter Finlayson, Chairman TEC2 03/04/05: “I must say I was somewhat unprepared for the depth of the subject matter and the extraordinarily interesting and challenging presentation. That is a long handed way of saying that I thoroughly enjoyed every part of the presentation and gained great take-home value”)

I suggest that this presentation is followed up by modular presentations within the individual organisations.

How to optimize Health and Health-related Performance in the Workplace

Option 1: Use Lifestyle Questionnaire first for optimal staff appraisal before day of presentations. This can be re-administered 6 months later to look for evidence of change.

Option 2: Presentations without evaluation

Core presentation:
Key steps for optimizing Health (Why and How): 60 minutes

Plus selection of modules, each of 30 minutes duration:

A How to minimize stress – physical and mental approaches
B How to improve performance – nutrition and physical tools
C Reduce absenteeism – understanding the reasons for becoming ill and   minimizing risk factors
D Reduce chemical exposure in the workplace
E Steps to protect long-term health

Support Material (available for purchase)

(CD containing a Power Point presentation with Sound)

A Promoting good food habits in the Workplace
B Water
C Ventilation and Clean Air. What to look out for and the use of House Plants
D Special facilities: Office Gym and Tranquility Areas
E Promoting Healthy Habits in the Workplace

2. Presentations for Conferences and Special Events (1 hour - 90 minutes)

  • "Brain Food: How to empower yourself, your business and your relationships"

  • "The Four stages of Cancer and how to strengthen yourself against them" (This talk can be general or cancer specific)

  • "Greening our Homes and Workplaces: The roles of Chemicals in Health"

  • "Cell Division: the Mysteries of Cloning and Ageing explained"

  • "GLOW: Principles of Healthy Ageing

  • "Surprisingly easy to adopt Good Habits that optimize Health"

  • "Cortisol: the Stress and Death Hormone"

  • "Making love and Babies"

  • "Genetic Modification: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"


The topics can be heard singly as keynotes, blended to form a keynote or one or several topics used at a Workshop.

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Dr Judy Ford:

I am Dr Judy Ford, a geneticist, a pioneer in the area of health and lifestyle. In the 1980's I developed research programs to study people's habits and environments and found that they played a huge role in health. Working now as a Science Communicator, I educate people so that they can change negative habits and optimise their lifelong health.

My research in the 1970's began with single cells and focussed on reproduction, ageing and cancer. It was whilst I was studying the changes that occurred in cells in unfavourable environments that I realised that we needed to understand how people's lives could create these unfavourable conditions. My work has received considerable media interest and was covered in Newspapers, Magazines, Radio and TV throughout the world. In 2001 I was honored by my inclusion as one of South Australia's 14 science innovators of the Century for my work on lifestyle and health.


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As a writer and speaker, I amuse, entertain and motivate people. I translate science into easily understandable facts and common sense. As a geneticist, I stresses that many familial patterns that have been blamed on bad genes should rather been blamed on bad family habits. BAD HABITS are transmitted more frequently than BAD GENES!


Secret of Youth:

"Thank you for your brilliant presentation at the recent Rotary District Conference. Judging from all reports, your address fascinated the delegates and inspired many to adopt a more healthy lifestyle"

- B.S. St Agnes, SA

Strengthen Yourself against Cancer:

"Your thought provoking presentation certainly opened my eyes to the many simple lifestyle changes which can make a difference to our health. The positive comments and the rush to purchase your books and CD’s showed that our guests were also similarly inspired by your talk"

- D.W. Adelaide SA

Workplace Wellness:

"Your focus on the non obvious factors affecting health and safety and the link to outcomes was enlightening and instructive…… Judy, it was a real pleasure to have an eminent and articulate scientist present an important subject in such a delightful manner. The audience was captivated. You made the complex simple and understandable".

- W.A. Amcham, Adelaide SA

Genetic Modification:

"Your presentation "From Mendel to Meddling" was excellent. The issue of genetically modified organisms is so critical for everyone that it was a rare privilege for a lay audience to hear someone with your high level of education and experience. Being able to talk in lay person’s language and with such a warm and friendly presentation style you were able to put the audience at ease and really connect with them."

- A.L. Balmain NSW




WHO? Anyone of any age who wants to  invest in their OWN future.

The Lifestyle Doctor, Adelaide, South Australia