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If Only I had Known

I so often hear these words from women I meet that I thought I'd write a page about prevention, primarily for young women. This page will be updated and expanded so please bookmark it so you can revisit it. Please contact me if you have specific problems (I do consult) or if you'd like me to come and give a talk to your business or club.

I hope you find this helpful, Dr Judy Ford (The Lifestyle Doctor)

Who wished they'd known what?

More on Fertility Rates:

Unlike the rumours that suggest that most men are fertile forever, the majority of men lose their fertility at about the same rate as their female partners. This was very clear in the prospective study of reproduction that we undertook from 1987 to 1991 and others are now confirming our findings.

For women there is an intrinsic cause, approaching menopause. The results of our study are shown in the diagram below. In our study no woman over 41 had a baby. This is not to say that you can't conceive once you are 40 but just that it is very difficult and that the rates of infertility and miscarriage are very high.

For men, the cause seems to be environment and lifestyle. Much of a man's infertility is caused by his exposure to toxic chemicals and radiations. Even IVF clinics who used to be skeptical about chemical effects, are now offering tests to detect genetic damage. There are also other lifestyle-induced effects, e.g. changes in the blood vessels of the testes that are the equivalent of hardening of the arteries, that also reduce his fertility. Other lifestyle age-related physiological changes also have major effect. In overweight and obese men, there can be considerable oestrogen production by fat tissue that will also inhibit his fertility. All of these are of course preventable.

Women's eggs are less likely to be damaged by environmental chemicals and radiation than are sperm. This is because eggs are held in a highly protected state from the time of foetal life until the time of ovulation.   This does not mean that women's fertility is not affected by lifestyle because it certainly is. What it does mean, though, is that the changes in a women's body are far more reversible than those in her man.

Being overweight is a major factor in both male and female infertility. learn about the Glycemic Index and check out The Docket diet.

For more on how I can help you, please visit my natural fertility website. The fertility Questionnaire is an economical and effective way of discovering the many factors that might contribute to problems. If you start with the Questionnaire you might save yourself a lot of stress and money. Alternatively you might like to keep a Nutrition & Activities Diary that you can send in for analysis and advice.

More on Miscarriage:



Red: Live Born Baby

Yellow: Miscarriage

Green: 9 or more Months Infertility

These are the results of our prospective, NO INTERVENTION study of reproduction undertaken by 600 couples in South Australia (1987-1992)

AGE < 25    25-30    31-35    > 35    

About 60% of miscarriages have some type of chromosome abnormality. These abnormalities are usually incompatible with life and so the egg has no chance of developing into a liveborn baby. Occasionally the abnormalities are due to some inherited problem but the majority are cause by problems in the woman's or her partner's body at the time of conception.

The abnormalities might be caused by exposure to chemicals or radiation but a very large proportion (especially in women under 35) are caused by hormonal imbalances caused by incorrect diet and lifestyle. If you read my book It Takes Two, answer my NFS Questionnaire, come to me for counselling or do all three, then there is a very high probability that the causes of the problems can be identified and overcome. You can read more about these services on my natural fertility site.

Even when miscarried conceptions don't have obvious chromosomal abnormalities, the majority are abnormal. These developmental abnormalities have a similar range of causes to the chromosomal abnormalities. It is very rare that an early miscarriage is completely normal.

What about genetic susceptibility?
Genes affect our susceptibility to everything! Thus, there are genes and other inherited conditions (not genes but let's not get too complicated here!) that will influence susceptibility to miscarriage. This does not mean that most conditions cannot be overcome by lifestyle. It does mean, however, that some people will be much more susceptible to lifestyle effects. A couple who has recurrent miscarriages (two or more) should have their chromosomes checked.

What about the over 35s?
The years before Menopause are characterised by hormonal instability. As the pool of eggs decreases, the body produces higher levels of FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) to stimulate the ovaries. Under these conditions the follicular stage of the cycle (the days before ovulation) become shortened. The shortened cell division that accompanies this is error prone and chromosomes have a high propensity to misdivide. Some dietary changes can help this situation but it is a battle with time that is often lost!

More on cleaning products

I spoke with someone last night who had tried IVF, and even received a donor egg, for a period of 3.5 years without success. She is now 51, childless and has accepted her childlessness. We chatted about the possible reasons and seeing that she was immaculately presented, I asked her about "cleaning". She admitted that she had been an addict! Too late now for her to know that AMMONIA is a natural inhibitor of fertility.

I would encourage you to learn more about chemicals in your personal environment as these can seriously increase your risk of cancer and other illnesses. I also invite you to look at our WORLD SERVICES to find cleaning agents that are good for you and the environment.

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