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Products and Services to assist you in your healthy lifestyle

A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is critical for those who wish to live a long and disease free life. Wellness is an emotional, spiritual and physical state. Achieving optimal wellness involves addressing all aspects of life and lifestyle. It includes a healthy diet rich in high quality vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, protein and essential fats. Avoiding chemical toxins and radiation is paramount.

Drinking plenty of clean fresh water is also critical to health. Conditions like kidney stones and sinus infections may be prevented just by drinking sufficient high quality water. Exercise of mind and body and safe ways of releasing stress are also essential. Click through for more information about specific aspects of HEALTHY LIFESTYLE to avoid conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Products & Services for a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle needs to be supported by products and services that complement the philosophies expressed on this site. Our pages under World Services supply products and services expressed by the Wellness Wheel. There are already pages from some Australian companies but we need many more, especially those near you. There is a small annual cost for a full webpage and its design.

Please bookmark this page and visit us regularly. We are doing our best to find products and services in your area. Please email us with the names and contact numbers of businesses, you think we should add. Alternatively, if you would like to add your product or service, please email us for further information.

The Wellness Wheel
Wellness is influenced by 6 major types of factors. Each is as important as the next in maintaining optimal Wellness. Look below to see the extensive categories within each section.

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Emotions & Spiritual/Emotional Environment


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General Physical Environment


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Exercise, Healthy Physical Activities & Holidays


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Minimising Exposure to Toxins

Table of Categories
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Only categories showing a green asterisk are currently active.

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Organic Supplies - general
Organic Supplies - meat, fruit juice, coffee,      personal products etc
Nutritional Supplements
Juicers & other Food preparation
Nutritional Advisers
Gourmet Food, Oils & Wine

Organic Cafes & Restaurants

halfcup.wmf (4918 bytes)                 Water

Water Filtration
Spring Water
Water Containers

Water Features

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Minimising Exposure to Toxins


Chemical free cosmetics
Chemical free personal goods
Chemical free services (eg hairdressing, dentistry)
Chemically safe Pest Eradication
Chemically safe Renovation and Building Products and Services
Chemically Safe Cleaning Products and Services
Chemically reduced Transport Systems & Fuel
Protective Clothing etc
Chemical Consultants

Electromagnetic Radiation Advice & Consultancy
Radiation Monitoring & Advice

Famlydnr.wmf (31568 bytes)     
General Physical Environment

Home & Work Environments
Furniture free of toxic components
Furnishings (natural fibre)
Clothes & Materials (natural materials) Natural Beds and Bedding
Optimal Sleep Beds
Natural Flooring & Building Materials
Feng Shui Consultants
Natural Energy Systems
House Plants
Essential Oils

Healthy Lifestyle Consultants

Healthy Transport Services
Bicycle Hire
Walking Tracks etc
Public Transport Systems

Girlbik.wmf (4200 bytes)         Exercise, Healthy Physical Activities & Holidays

Exercise Programs
Healthy Exercise Equipment

Health Resort
Chemically Free Accommodation

Tsun1.wmf (4256 bytes)     Emotions & Spiritual/Emotional Environment

Music & Song
Massage Services
Massage Chairs & Equipment
Essential Oils
Water Features
Colour & Art
Spiritual Counsellors
Personal Growth