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GLOW: Principles of Healthy Ageing   

Personal Guide

by Dr. Judy Ford

G-L-O-W is a program of health and vitality for people who want to be joyful, clear-minded, fit, well and energetic, regardless of their age.


"Occasionally we see someone who glows with good health. We notice that this person has bright shining eyes, the whites of the eyes are very white and the irises are clear and exude energy. This person has clear, well hydrated skin, good posture, is neither over not underweight and is usually smiling - Is this the person you see when you look in the mirror?

In her new book G-L-O-W Principles of Healthy Ageing: Personal Guide, Dr Judy Ford gives us a simple and very readable account of the biology of the ageing process. Using over 35 years' experience as a geneticist, teacher, researcher and communicator, she pieces together the parts of life's complex jigsaw to provide a useable Personal Guide to healthy ageing.

By reading this book you will finally understand about antioxidants - what they are, what they do and why you need them? You will learn and understand about good fats and bad fats, when you need evening Primrose Oil and how Omega 6 and Omega 3 fats differ and how important they are in a healthy diet. You'll learn why it is extremely important to limit the amount of cell division that occurs in your body. Cell division is necessary for growth and repair but each division reduces lifespan and increases cancer risk.

 Beyond the biology and the critical information about diet, you will receive tips about how you can avoid getting common illnesses and how you can use indoor plants to improve the air quality in your home and workplace.

This unique book is full of really practical and easily adopted advice on how to increase wellbeing, happiness and longevity.

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"Thank you for your glorious book - it truly inspires the inner healer. As you read the chapters - it supports choice - the courage to take action. Very well done! I have many friends all around Australia but also overseas and will recommend it to all of them." Truus VDM, Canberra 2001

"Your gem of a book is most helpful. From my point of view, your book is of a kind which translates what has been a lifelong mystery into practical terms which motivate greater interest in 'watching the diet etc'" Tony S, Adelaide 2001

"I love your book" Ita Buttrose 2002

"Glow is a very clearly written, easy to understand account of why certain nutritional and lifestyle choices are beneficial. .....The section on plants removing toxins was totally new information for me. I especially liked the section about Omega 6 and Omega 3 fats and the changes that occur with ageing......" Jude M 2001

"The inspiration for this easy to understand little gem began when Dr Ford was invited to address the SA branch of the Gerontology Society on the genetics of ageing in 1998. The biology of the ageing process proved such genuinely captivating stuff fro the audience that other organisations soon asked for a repeat of the talk. Notes produced for subsequent conference participants were so popular that they were expanded into a friendly book called G-L-O-W, an acronym for genes, lifestyle, omnivorousness and water. This is easily adopted advice on how to increase wellbeing, happiness and longevity - as well as produce a glowing image in the mirror on the wall". Advertiser Newspaper, Adelaide 27th February, 2002

GLOW has been so popular that many people have purchased ten or more copies of GLOW and given them away to friends and family as presents.


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