Nutrition & Activities Diary

You are what you eat AND what you eat should match your activities

Most of us have grown up with family traditions about food and its preparation. Some people retain these traditions throughout their lives whilst others make large changes. Unfortunately traditions changed through the generations and many of our modern family traditions are better described as familial bad habits.

The traditional foods of most cultures developed over many generations and were optimized for the environment and activities of the people. Most of these diets were accompanied by strong traditions about the way the food was prepared, which foods were eaten together and how the food was eaten. All aspects of the culture of food were important.

Modern society has destroyed many of the traditions of food with disastrous consequences. People no longer get all the nutrients they need. The food itself is lacking in nutrients and the range of food eaten does not meet nutritional requirements. At the same time people often take in many toxic chemicals that are used in growing, preparing and processing foods. They also eat poor combinations of food that further affect their ability to take in nutrients. In addition they often have stressful and sedentary lifestyles that further compound the problems.

Illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer are all symptoms of a lifestyle that is out of balance. But these conditions are preventable and everyone should be doing what they can to prevent them. Keeping a Nutrition and Activities diet can be your start. Click on the words NUTRITION & ACTIVITIES DIARY to download your diary.

If you would like it analysed for you, post it back to us with your cheque (in Australia) or email it back with your credit card details completed on the last page. Up till Christmas 2005, this service is available for only $50.