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Why a Lifestyle Doctor?

Lifestyle, and each person's work and home environment, contribute to most illnesses. In many cases, lifestyle is the sole cause of health problems. In many cases it is not too late to change your habits and prevent health problems.

Lifestyle is the combination of what you do and how you do it. It includes all the experiences you have in a day, pleasant and unpleasant. It includes the air you breathe, the colours you see, the sounds you hear. It includes the things that you choose to take into your body as well as all the things that you unknowingly inhale, eat and absorb.


Who is Dr Judy Ford?

Dr Judy Ford, internationally respected geneticist and "lifestyle doctor" spent 30 years researching the cellular and genetic changes that underlie ageing, cancer and fertility. Her early work involved studies of cells and what happened when things went wrong. Her later work focused on people. She wanted to understand how people really lived their lives and what, if anything, they were doing wrong. From 1989 to 1994 she conducted the world's first ever studies of the lifestyle of 600 normal couples who were planning pregnancies. The results of these studies attracted worldwide attention. They revealed that  chemicals, nutrition and other lifestyle habits could greatly affect health.

Dr Judy's clear and easy to understand information is based on her own extensive research of how lifestyle, diet and environment interact with genes and cells to influence health. Her studies show that most health problems can be prevented by attention to lifestyle. There is rarely need to resort to drugs or intensive technologies.

Judy has written two very popular book
"It Takes Two - Reproducing Naturally Today", and "GLOW: Principles of Healthy Ageing, both of which are available HERE as hard copy or E-BOOK. She has also published a fascinating E-BOOK "Know Your Enemy: Understand and Reduce Your Cancer Risk".

Learn how to resolve any problems in your life NOW. Don't just get treated, FIND OUT why the problems are HAPPENING!






Phone 08 8244 7551 or email to make an appointment for a PERSONAL CONSULTATION TODAY

How can The Lifestyle Doctor help?

The Lifestyle Doctor is here to assist you in several ways:

  • Help you interpret  information that is already available but is confusing

  • Present some completely new information

  • Bring you new information when it is available

  • Discuss some private aspects of lifestyle that are important but are rarely if ever discussed

  • Provide presentations and workshops, personal consulting and coaching, books, e-books and CDs to assist you

Dr Judy Ford has developed The Lifestyle Doctor website. Some of the material on the site is based on her own extensive laboratory and lifestyle research. The remainder is based on her evaluation of the Scientific & Medical literature.

Dr Ford is known for her entertaining, witty and informative health presentations. Why not invite Dr Ford to entertain and inform your social group, business organization or workplace with a Workshop or Keynote Address? Her fees are reasonable and provide excellent value for money. She can teach you how to save money through optimizing your health.

Email her to make an appointment to-day.


Wish to lose weight? Try our "
Docket Diet" or make an appointment for personal counselling

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Health Problems that run in Families may not be Genetic

Genes are inherited and so it is common for everyone to assume that health problems that run in families are genetic. They could be genetic BUT every day living habits also run in families. After all who taught you how to do most things? Your mum and dad did.

Before you assume you have a "bad" gene, take a serious look at your own and your family's lifestyle!

At a recent talk to a business group I talked about "the black hole of illness" that is created by eating foods with a high Glycemic Index. At the end of the talk, an unhealthy looking man proposed that illness was all in the genes. Clearly he didn't want to take responsibility for his own health.

I explained that the transmission of bad habits was usually much more efficient than the transmission of bad genes. After all we only inherit (at maximum) 50% of the genes of each parent but we can take on 100% of their bad habits!

Remember this when there's talk of cancer genes and high cholesterol genes. It could be genetic but poor lifestyle is easier to study and to correct than poor genes.

Healthy Products & Services

There are many services that you might require to assist you in your quest for an optimal lifestyle. We have sought out quality products and recommend these to you.

  • Accommodation & Holidays for Chemically Sensitive People

  • "Safe" Products: Cleaning

  • "Safe" Products: Personal
    Supplements and special foods

  • Home Products for Chemically Sensitive

  • Special Programs & Facilities

  • Support Groups

And for further information we recommend:
Preventative Health Guide

A unique guide to information on nutrition and preventative health for diabetes, cancer prevention, chronic degenerative disease and much more

Our Programs

Visit this page and learn about our group and individual programs. Group programs are available in the form of Keynote lectures and Workshops. Individual programs are available as on-line, telephone and in-person coaching.

Programs are adapted to suit Businesses and Individuals. School programs are also available.

Our Products

Books, E-Books, CD's and Sound Tracks cover many of the topics introduced in the other sections.

The information covered in these resources is much more detailed than that able to be covered on the site.



For information on how to overcome any problems of reproduction naturally, visit our Website itsnatural and ez-fertility. For other issues of drug-free preventative health, please visit Environmental & Genetic Solutions.




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Navigating this Website

Health & Wellness

Optimal health and wellness is achieved by paying attention to all aspects of life, physical, mental and spiritual

The physical aspects include optimizing nutrition, hydration and exercise, weight loss, avoiding toxins and examining and perhaps modifying daily habits and rituals.

We stress the importance of quality food and a balanced diet but also explain the importance of how that food is prepared and eaten. The subject is so vast that there will always be regular updates for those on our mailing list.

Real Stories

It isn't until you have a problem yourself or know someone else that does, that you really begin to think "this could happen to me". We thought that bringing you some real stories would enable you to understand the reality of different illnesses.

Your Real Stories
There are stories of hope and courage and we need more. Visit the page and write to us if you have a story you'd like us to include.

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